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Guide: Should You Get Two Rottweilers At Once?

two Rottweilers

Rottweilers are excellent canine companions. Yes, they have faults, but so does every other dog on the planet, regardless of breed.

But what about getting two together?

Is it a two-are-better-than-one situation or a too-much-of-a-good-thing-is-bad situation?

If you get two Rottweilers together, they can provide each other with canine companionship and socialization. They can also help to exercise each other. Two dogs will also be better protection than one. However, two Rottweilers will be more expensive and time-consuming and take up more space than one. There will also be double the shedding.

The decision to get two Rottweilers together will depend on what your priorities are. Below you can see the reasons in favor of and against getting two Rottweilers together, and decide the right choice for you.

Reasons To Get Two Rottweilers Together


Rottweilers were bred to work and live in close quarters with human companions as they helped to move cattle. This means that they are naturally people-orientated.

Some Rottweilers will try to sit on your lap to get closer to you, while others are happy lying on the floor beside you, but they always want to be around their people.

When you go away from home for a time and leave your Rottweiler alone, they can become very lonely.

If it happens regularly (like when you work full-time away from home), then being alone can make them depressed or turn to destructive behaviors.

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A second Rottweiler can provide beneficial companionship for your dog to ease their loneliness during the times when you are away.  

Another benefit of getting two Rottweilers together, specifically getting two puppies together, is that they can help to socialize each other.

Rottweilers who grow up without interacting with other dogs can become aggressive around new dogs, such as those encountered at training classes or dog parks.

Some people worry that getting two dogs at once will mean their dogs love them less, but this is simply not true.

Some dogs may attach strongly to each other, but if you make sure you are a part of their lives, then you become important to them.

Exercise Buddies

two Rottweilers playing

Rottweilers are massive dogs, and it is easy to assume that they are not big exercisers.

However, Rottweilers were bred with energy to go on hours- or even days-long cattle drives. They may not be the best sprinters or even running partners, but they have moderate to high exercise needs.

Their size means that it is important they stay fit and at optimal weight.

Two Rottweilers can take themselves off into the yard and burn off their energy with rough-and-tumble games, taking a bit of the pressure off you.

You will still have to ensure that they get enough exercise but having two Rottweilers is definitely a bonus in this regard.


One of the main reasons people choose Rottweilers over other breeds of dogs is that they make great protectors as well as great companions.

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Your Rottweiler will naturally protect you, your family, and your property.

They look intimidating and have scary voices—when you hear them, you’ll probably be very grateful that they are not barking at you.

Not only do they look and sound scary, but they are completely capable of following through if there is a real threat.

However, their reputations as aggressive dogs are unfair and should not be perpetuated.

Still, it does contribute to the protection they afford as people are less likely to try to enter your property or approach you if they see your Rottie.

Having two Rottweilers is double the protection: two massive forms, two deep voices, and their own two-dog pack.

Reasons Not To Get Two Rottweilers Together


Owning a dog is not cheap, not even if you rescue your pup from a shelter.

There are purchase (or adoption) fees, regular vet bills, unplanned vet bills, sterilization, beds, toys, grooming gear, collars, leashes, licenses, training school, food, and more.

Firstly, Rottweilers are massive dogs. They do not eat a small amount of food, so your food bill will likely almost double.

While two Rottweilers can share water bowls and grooming gear, you definitely need two collars, leashes, licenses, food bowls, and beds.

If you have one Rottweiler and you are very responsible, you can keep them unsterilized. When you have two, you have to sterilize them both.

A male and a female can mate, and then you will have more than two dogs to worry about.

Two Rottweilers of the same sex can fight a lot with their intact hormones surging through them (males and females).

Both Rottweilers will need to have obedience training at least. You can do this at home, but when you have two strong, territorial dogs living in the same house, their training is paramount.

Paying for classes ensures correct training, provides motivation, and introduces accountability.

Two Rottweilers doubles the number of inoculations as well as the risk of unplanned vet bills.

Ultimately, having two Rottweilers might not exactly double the cost, it does increase it substantially, so if your money is tight with just one dog, you should not get a second.

Grooming Requirements

two Rottweilers panting

If you have ever owned a Rottweiler before, you know that they shed. Officially, they are moderate shedders with twice-yearly coat blowing.

In reality, they can walk across your living room floor at any time of the year and leave a trail of hair.

Then, twice a year, when they shed their undercoats, your house can look like a fur-storm hit it if you don’t diligently groom your Rottie.

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Two Rottweilers means double the shedding and coordinated or tag-team coat blowing (both together or just when one is done, the other starts).

If dog hair is something that really bothers you, you should carefully consider if you even want one Rottweiler, let alone two, because you can’t banish these people-loving dogs outside.


Rottweilers cannot be kept outside all the time. They’ll get really sad at being separated from you. This means that they will be in your house with you.

How big is your house? Is it big enough for two 100-pound dogs?

Even if this is not an issue for you, it may be for them.

Both dogs should have a space they can go to get away from the other. They are also territorial animals, and cramping them together can cause friction and fights.


Rottweilers, like all dogs, require attention in the form of affection, training, and exercise. If you have limited time, then can you meet the needs of two Rottweilers.

You might be able to take two small dogs to training or on a walk together, but two Rottweilers are probably best handled one by one unless you have a partner or friend who can assist.

Another time factor to consider is giving them individual attention. They are two different dogs, and each should be made to feel special.

Don’t forget about the grooming time, either! This is not something you would want to cut corners on.

Getting The Right Rottweilers

If you do decide that you have the capacity to provide for two Rottweilers, then you need to make sure that you choose two dogs who are going to get along.

Typically, dogs of opposite genders get along better than two dogs of the same gender.

Getting them both as puppies and sterilizing them as soon as they are the correct age can increase the chances of two males or two females getting along.

Then think about their temperaments. Two dominant dogs will probably end up fighting often or at least disagreeing and antagonizing one another.

One dominant dog and one submissive dog can get along, but there is the risk that the submissive Rottweiler will get bullied if your dominant dog is that way inclined.

The wise thing to do is to speak to a veterinarian, an animal behaviorist, a shelter worker, or a breeder for advice on which two Rottweilers to get together.

Be sure to take a look at the video below. It expands on some of the things that we’ve talked about, and contains additional useful information as well!

Final Thoughts

Two Rottweilers can be each other’s companions and exercise buddies and provide double the protection. They are also just really great dogs that enrich your life with theirs.

Two Rottweilers, however, will cost more and will take up more space and time.

If you have these three commodities in surplus, then they may not figure into your decision.

If any of these three resources are in short supply, then you have to decide if getting two Rottweilers is fair to them and you.

One Rottweiler or two? The objective pros and cons are clear, but you have to see how you prioritize them to determine if you can handle owning two of these excellent dogs at once.