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Ever Wonder Why Rottweilers are so Strong?

We all know and recognize a German Rottweiler when we see one. They are bulky, intelligent, and quite intimidating.

Their bulk is not just show, Rottweilers are extremely strong dogs. One of the strongest breeds, in fact.

Have you ever wondered why Rottweilers are so strong?

Rottweilers’ strength and endurance are due to their physical proportions and impressively strong bite force. Their thick necks, stocky, muscular bodies, and robust and heavy jaws make them one of today’s strongest dog species.

Let’s delve into more detail about the combined strength of this fascinating breed:

Why are Rottweilers Physically Strong?

Centuries ago, Rottweilers were bred to herd animals to places of slaughter, pull carts filled with meat, and guard homes.

To control large animals like bulls, they were initially bred to be strong and sturdy.

Even today, nudging objects, animals, and people is still one of the characteristics of this breed.

Roman soldiers on their way to Germany couldn’t slaughter their cattle as they had no refrigerators. It was the job of the Rottweiler’s ancestors, the Roman Molossus, to assist the soldiers in herding their cattle.

Because of their strength and endurance, Rottweilers were perfect for these jobs. They could also easily transport heavy supplies due to their stocky built and strong muscles.

Cattlemen even used the dogs to carry money purses around their necks, which was a sure way to keep away thieves.

Rottweilers are considered a large breed. An average male weighs around 133 lbs (60 kg) with an average height of 29 inches(74 cm).

Compared with other large breed dogs, the ‘Rottie’ is somewhat longer than other large dogs.

Because of its frame size, the Rottweiler’s bones and muscle mass give him a powerful and compact appearance.

The well-muscled, powerful neck further contributes to this breed’s strength.

With a straight back, strong and deep loins, and strongly developed muscular forearms, it is no wonder that it can be pretty challenging to walk this breed on a leash. It’s entirely possible and easy for a ‘Rottie’ to pull its owner to the ground, for instance.

A prime example of the sheer strength of a Rottweiler is evident from the video below where a 132 lbs. (60 kg) Rottweiler pulls 15168 lbs. (6880 kg).

Astonishingly, this video is living proof that a Rottweiler can pull the equivalent of a large truck.

However, the physique and well-defined body of a Rottweiler are not the only reasons for its strength. Its strong bite force is another reason why this breed is part of the Top 10 list of strongest dogs.

Do Rottweilers Have Lockjaw?

The answer to this question is a definite “no.”

Contrary to popular belief, Rottweilers can neither voluntarily nor involuntarily lock their jaws once they bite onto something.

In fact, it is important to not that there is no breed of dog that can actually lock their jaws.

While lockjaw on a Rottweiler or on any breed is a myth, there are some jaw issues that may arise due to a neurological disorder or other general illness.

How Strong is a Rottweiler’s Bite?

The sheer force of a dog’s bite is another measurement used to identify its overall strength, and because of the Rottweiler’s massive head and wide jaws, it has a super powerful bite.

Research done in 2009 showed that “the size of the animal and the shape of its jaw predicted bite strength. The larger the dog and the dog’s head, and the wider the jaw, the higher the bite force turned out to be.”

A dog’s bite strength is measured in PSI, which refers to the pressure made per square inch of each pound.

Dr. Brady Barr conducted a bite pressure test in which three different domestic dogs, an American Pitbull, a German Shepherd, and a German Rottweiler, had to bite into a bite sleeve.

The sleeve itself contained a specialized computer instrument. The measurements from the computer instrument clearly indicated that the Rottweiler and German Shepherd came out tops with a measure of 320 PSI.

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Although an impressive figure, certain other domestic dogs have an even greater PSI than the Rottweiler. Here is an interesting comparison:

Type of DogPSI
American Bulldog305
Wolf Dog406
Akita Inu400
Dogo Canario540

Although not the strongest, the Rottweiler’s wide and powerful jaws can bite up to 320 PSI, close to half of a shark’s bite force of 660 PSI.

Furthermore, it measures almost double the strength of a human bite, which ranges from 120-140 PSI.

Are Rottweilers Mentally Strong?

Apart from their physical strength and bite force, Rottweilers have another strength that often gets overlooked: mental strength.

They are extremely intelligent, especially when it comes to their abilities to read strangers’ intentions and their guard-and-protect instincts.

Furthermore, these giants, if adequately trained and brought up correctly, are actually nothing more than gentle giants. They are loving, gentle, and loyal.

These characteristics make them perfect candidates for the following jobs:

  • Service dogs – Apart from their evident physical strength, Rottweilers’ intelligence and loyalty make them great service dogs. No wonder they are often used for customs and border protection.
  • Therapy dogs – If properly trained, a Rottweiler is a calm, tender, and friendly dog. These characteristics make them perfect candidates for being therapy dogs.
  • Guide dogs – A Rottweiler’s size is perfect for the physical demands of this job. Although not all Rottweilers are cut out to be guide dogs, their intelligence and temperament are well-suited for the job.
  • Drafting and carting – A fun sport involving a dog pulling a wagon or cart. Because of its history with pulling carts, the Rottweiler is perfect for this sport.


Are German Shepherds Good Service Dogs?

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For centuries, Rottweilers have also served in police forces around the world.

Nowadays, though, their heavy bone structures make them significantly slower than German Shepherds, for instance.

Furthermore, their powerful bites pose potential problems that can even lead to deaths when taking down suspects.

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Final Thoughts

Considered one of the oldest breeds around, a German Rottweiler’s strength, agility, and stamina continue to astound.

Its pure muscular body strength combined with its powerful bite and intelligence are precisely the three factors that place this canine in a league of its own when it comes to strength and endurance!